Why Organic Cotton Matters

5 reasons why organic cotton is best for your baby:

it's best for baby's
delicate skin
There's a reason we call things "baby-soft" — there's simply nothing like a baby's brand-new skin. That tender skin takes years to develop the protective quality of an adult's, therefore it's more susceptible to the effects of harsh chemicals. That's why organic cotton is the natural choice for your little bee's sensitive skin.
it feels
heavenly soft
Much like bottles and babysitters, not all organic cotton is created equal. To get ours snuggle-ready, it's combed to remove impurities and short, coarse fibers, then ring-spun to make smooth, high-quality yarn.
it lasts wash
after wash
Harsh chemical processing can make conventional cotton fibers start to break down after just 20 washes-but our organic cotton can last 5 times as long and gets softer with every wash.
it's Earth and
Our 100% organic cotton is pure. We don't use the synthetic pesticides and fertilizers needed to grow conventional cotton, which means those harmful chemicals don't seep into our soil, water, and food. It promotes safer conditions on the small farms where our growers and their families live and work.
it's GOTS certified
100% organic
The Global Organic Textile Standard is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, and it proves organic fabric is the real deal. Our GOTS certification ensures the highest level of purity from seed to seam, because we want your seal of approval, too.

the purest layer   for the purest skin

Your little bee’s brand-new skin is thinner and more porous than adult skin, so the first layer of fabric it touches should be extra-gentle. We call it the Purest Layer™, because our 100% organic cotton is made with the purest skin in mind.

the beekeeper wearable blanket

the beekeeper

Not only is our Beekeeper wearable blanket designed with perfect proportions and a best-in-class zipper, it also features our signature organic cotton to bundle baby’s delicate skin in natural comfort.

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organic pajamas

Sweet skin deserves sweet dreams—that’s why our award-winning sleepwear surrounds your baby in the Purest Layer™: combed, ring-spun and GOTS-certified organic cotton, without any harsh stuff.

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cotton bedding


Lay the foundation for a restful night’s sleep with the Purest Layer™: our cozy, breathable bedding, made with organic cotton to keep sensitive skin irritation-free. Plus, our crib sheets feature premium elastic for a safe, super-snug fit.

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organic bee essentials

Basics like bodysuits, coveralls, bibs and washcloths are important threads in the fabric of baby's daily life. So make sure you choose pieces that are kind to their precious skin—like our 100% organic cotton Bee Essentials.

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bee essentials
cotton underbees


The base layer of baby’s outfit will be snuggled against that delicate skin all day long, so inferior cotton can easily cause discomfort. Luckily, the Purest Layer™ of our Underbees collection goes above and beyond to keep your little bee fuss-free.

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watch our video about why organic matters

what is GOTS and why it’s important?