5 reasons organic cotton is best for your baby:

It's Best for Baby's Delicate Skin

There's a reason we call things "baby-soft"—there's simply nothing like a baby's brand-new skin. The trade-off? That tender skin takes years to develop the protective quality of an adult's, therefore It's more susceptible to the effects of harsh chemicals. That's why organic cotton is the natural choice for your little bee's sensitive skin.

It Feels Heavenly Soft

Much like bottles and babysitters, not all organic cotton is created equal. To get ours snuggle-ready, It's combed to remove impurities and short, coarse fibers, then ring-spun to make smooth, high-quality yarn. Trust us: you'll wish your clothes felt this good.

It Lasts Wash After Wash

Baby clothes take a beating before they even hit the laundry, so they need to be made of strong stuff. Harsh chemical processing can make conventional cotton fibers start to break down after just 20 washes-but our organic cotton can last 5 times as long, and gets softer with every wash. (Hand-me-downs, anyone?)

It's Earth AND Farmer-Friendly

Our 100% organic cotton is pure: bee's honor. We don't use the synthetic pesticides and fertilizers needed to grow conventional cotton, which means those harmful chemicals don't seep into our soil, water and food. It promotes much safer conditions on the small farms where our growers and their families (not to mention our buddies the bees) live and work.

It's GOTS Certified 100% Organic

GOTS doesn't stand for "gentle on the skin"-but it might as well. The Global Organic Textile Standard is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, and it proves organic fabric is the real deal (and helps you spot the brands using the word unethically). Our GOTS certification ensures the highest level of purity from seed to seam, because we want your seal of approval, too.