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  • Why Swaddle?
  • Tips
  • How to swaddle

Research shows what ancient cultures have known for centuries is that babies who are swaddled sleep longer and cry less.  There is a multitude of reasons why.  Swaddling with a muslin blanket….

  • Prevents them from being awakened by the Moro Reflex (aka the startle reflex).
  • Allows babies to maintain an ideal body temperature as the muslin fabric is breathable, moisture wicking and warm.
  • Stimulates the gentle pressure they received in the womb, which also helps to relieve colic.
  • Inhibits face and head scratching.

Most importantly, swaddling lowers the risks of SIDS by helping babies stay on their backs while sleeping, eliminating the need for loose blankets in their crib/bassinets and prevents them from overheating.

*source: sleep consultant Kelly Murray

Here are some important safety tips about swaddling that I share with the families I work with...

  • Do not double swaddle as it can lead to overheating.
  • Tuck in any loose ends of the blanket into the swaddle.
  • Make sure that there is enough room around your baby’s hips and legs so that they can move naturally to prevent hip dysplasia.
  • Unswaddle your baby when they are awake so that they have plenty of opportunity to move those muscles.
  • Discontinue using the swaddle once your baby is able to roll from their back to their belly.
*source: sleep consultant Kelly Murray

 Lastly, here is a helpful video on how to swaddle your baby.  If you find it challenging at first or if your baby doesn’t take to it right away, that is completely normal.  Keep on trying and before you know it, both you and your baby will grow to love the swaddle as much as millions of parents and babies have before you!

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