Honeybee Rewards  Program™ FAQ


What is the Honeybee Rewards Program?
Our honeybee rewards program is a way to reward our loyal customers. Earn points for qualified purchases and engaging with our brand.

How do I join the Honeybee Rewards Program?
Joining is easy (and free)!  Create an account and enter your name, email, and phone number.  If you currently have an account - you’ve already been enrolled in our rewards program so you can kick back, sign in, and start earning Points!

How do I earn Honeybee Reward Program points? 
$1 spent = 1 point* (+more ways to earn) so the more you shop,  the more you engage, and the more points you’ll earn. 

How many points do I need to earn a Honeybee Reward? 
Once you have at least 200 points, you can redeem them at checkout. Be sure to log into your account.  Redeem up to 800 points or $40 per order (minimum purchase required).

What is an eligible purchase?
Points are earned on almost everything!  Points are awarded on merchandise subtotal (before tax and shipping) on all clothing, bedding, accessories, and skincare items purchased on burtsbeesbaby.com.  Gift Card purchases do not count as 'merchandise' for the purposes of the Honeybee Rewards Program.

How do I see and track my points?
Your point total can be tracked by logging in and viewing your Honeybee Rewards homepage. In addition, it will always be visible in your shopping cart (login required).

Can I sign up if I don’t live in the U.S.?
While you can create an account on the Burt’s Bees Baby site, our products are only able to be sold/shipped in the US and its territories at this time. 

How do I redeem my Honeybee Rewards Points?
Points can be redeemed during the checkout process.   Be sure that you are signed in to your account, your points total will show in your shopping bag before you enter checkout, the eligible rewards will be available in a drop-down.  

NOTE:  Honeybee Rewards points will be redeemed into a coupon code for your purchase. Honeybee Rewards cannot be combined with other promotions coupons or sales

How do I access my online account?
You can create or log into your account by using the login icon.    

A sign-up / login box will appear. 

A six-digit one-time passcode (OTP) will be sent to your email or phone (whichever is defaulted) to securely log in. 

Please note that only one mobile number can be tied to your email.  

How do I update my account information?
Please log into your account and update your information.  Still, need help? Our friendly Honeybee Hive support can be reached at info@burtsbeesbaby.com. 

Will my past orders be eligible for Honeybee Reward Points?
 Points for eligible purchases will be valid beginning on June 7, 2023. 

What happens to my Honeybee Reward points if I make a return or cancel my order? 
Returned products or canceled orders will reverse or decrease the points you received from that purchase. If an order is placed using your Honeybee Rewards, and you return the items, the points used are forfeited.

Why didn’t I earn Honeybee Reward points on my purchase?
Double-check you were signed into your rewards account and didn’t accidentally check out as a guest. You must be logged in when making purchases to earn points. If you have done this in error, contact us at info@burtsbeebaby.com to help apply your points to your account. You also won’t receive points if you have redeemed an alternate code or promotion, return your purchase or your purchase is canceled for any reason. Please note that any points you earn on a purchase you later return will be forfeited. 

Can I use my Honeybee Rewards with a sale? 

Points are redeemed as a coupon code. Since you are only eligible for one promotion at a time, you can either redeem your honeybee rewards points, or take advantage of the current sale or promotion. (We do not allow stacking or combining coupon codes or promotions).

How long does it take for Honeybee Reward points to post to my account?
It can take up to 48 business hours for Honeybee reward points for purchases to post to your account.  Points for review can take up to 14 days for the review to post and points to be awarded.

Do points ever expire?
Yes, Honeybee Reward Points expire in one year (365 days) of inactivity.

Can I give points to someone else?
No, at this point in time Honeybee Reward Points are not able to be gifted to another Honeybee Rewards member.

Can I redeem Honeybee Reward Points on Burtsbees.com? 
No.  Honeybee Rewards are only able to be earned and redeemed on burtsbeesbaby.com. 

Is there any other fine print for the Honeybee Rewards Program? 

Yes, please see all Honeybee Rewards Program Terms & Conditions here