We only have one planet, and we must take care of it. Our little bees are counting on us.

Did you know our buttons and thread are made from recycled materials?
In order to source the safest, most durable trims for your little bee, we use recycled polyester. It's the best way for us to use eco materials and offer you the high quality products you expect.

We also use GOTS regulated printing and dyeing techniques on our clothing. GOTS prohibits chemicals that don't meet stringent criteria for toxicity and/or those which are harmful to humans and the environment.

In addition to preserving nature by avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and chemicals, growing organic cotton also saves water, 56 gallons of savings per bodysuit to be exact!

Imagine how much water we could save if everyone bought organic!

We believe every drop counts. That's why we work with factories that recycle their water supply.

Not only do we look for the best factories, but we look for factories who care about the same things as us.

Our factories treat their employees and the Earth with kindness and respect, and use renewable resources to preserve the planet.

Our factories don't just save water, they repurpose the silt waste from the water to make bricks.

These bricks build houses and buildings.

We're getting a make-over! Well, our bedding packaging is. Starting soon, we will be shipping new 100% organic cotton reusable bags for all crib sheets, bassinet sheets, and changing pad covers.

While our current packaging is 100% recycled, our goal is to create as little waste as possible. These little bags can be used for packing kids shoes in a suitcase, or as a little satchel for diaper bag odds and ends. The possibilities are endless!

Our ink on our packaging is soy based!

Another “little thing” we do to change the world. Soy ink is made from renewable resources and is easier to recycle.

It has less off-gassing than standard ink, so it's healthier for you and the Earth!

We only have one planet, and we must take care of it. Our little bees are counting on us.