The softest, safest slumber

bundle baby’s dreams in organic cotton

It's no secret: little ones need a LOT of sleep. Keeping them safe during all that slumber is a big responsibility. That’s why our sleep products are designed with safety in mind and made with 100% organic cotton which is safer for baby’s porous skin. Sweet dreams, little bee!

the beekeeper wearable blanket

the beekeeper

Lose the loose blankets and let our Beekeeper wearable blanket keep baby cozy all night. Perfectly proportioned for comfortable movement, it features a best-in-class zipper and breathable organic cotton to naturally help control temperature and prevent overheating.

organic pajamas

Sweet skin deserves sweet dreams—that’s why our award-winning sleepwear surrounds your baby in the Purest Layer™: combed, ring-spun, and GOTS-certified organic cotton. It also features a zip guard to keep zippers away from delicate skin, and footies with sweet non-slip bee grips.

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the purest layer of pajamas
oeganic bedding


Lay the foundation for a peaceful night’s sleep with bedding made from the Purest Layer™: our cozy, breathable organic cotton to keep sensitive skin irritation-free. We’ve also got you—and your crib mattress—covered with premium BeeSnug™ elastic, designed to keep fitted sheets safely in place.

why our sleepwear fits snug as a bug
Besides showing off those squeezeable little legs, all cotton pajamas must fit snugly in order to meet strict fire safety standards. This means you get the softest, 100% organic cotton without the use of harmful flame retardants. Sleep tight!
safe sleep tips
  • Lay your little bee on his or her back to reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • Remove loose blankets from the crib and try a wearable blanket like our Beekeeper instead.
  • Put your baby on a firm crib mattress with a tight-fitting crib sheet. Ours are made with premium BeeSnug™ elastic.
  • Remove any loose items in the crib such as pillows, stuffed animals, and crib bumpers. These items make the nursery more fun, but should never be inside the crib with baby.
  • Invest your time in a CPR class. We know parents are busy bees, but learning this life-saving procedure will help put your mind at ease.